After two months of cleaning, reorganizing, and restoration, Henderson Hall opened the 2016 season on March 1. During the months of January and February, every window in Henderson Hall was removed and restored to its original condition. This restoration project included all broken windows being replaced, inside frames painted and new glazing on each window pane. At the completion of the project, all shutters will be back in place and the windows as well as the shutters will all be operable.

In addition to the window restoration, the interior of the hall received a fresh coat of paint, and many of the displays were reorganized to make them more tourist friendly. For the first time since Henderson Hall was opened to the public, one of the rooms on the third floor, known as "Lorna's Room", is open. The room is a showcase of revolving displays and now features the Henderson horse business, their cars, a Civil War display, children's books, and the interesting and somewhat controversial Lorna Henderson Banner and her infamous candy boxes.

Even as a past guest of Henderson Hall, we believe that you will see new display and artifacts. We have tried and will continue to share items that have been hidden in drawers or cabinets that we think you will find interesting, regardless of the number of time you may have toured the hall. Many rooms have been rearranged, making them appear more open and spacious.

Henderson Hall again will be hosting events that are open free of charge, such as our annual Pioneer Antique Auto club show May 7, and our Civil War reenactment June 18, 19. In addition we will host a "Ladies Tea" on June 4, 2016. Please visit our events page on this web-site for more information on all of our events.

We hope to see you at Henderson Hall this season.

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